Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Joys of Teaching

A week ago I began the next step of my journey to being a certified DDP Yoga teacher. I have been starting my practice sessions with some folks that I work with and they have been going great. I am currently doing two nights a week after work in our group fitness center. I had the pleasure of getting the permission from the fitness center to have these classes. My first night, I had three individuals show up which was great. And yesterday, even though I thought only one was going to be there, I had a surprise guest show up. She needed alot of modifications but pulled through and told me today that she was feeling great. I had some great testimonials sent my way and I would like to share them with you: "Thank you for the great job leading us with the DDP Yoga last night. Nice work out and nice to know we can adapt it to our own abilities, rev up or slow it down, modify as needed. I see this as something that I can do no matter what age I am. I will need this more and more down the road to keep fit until I am 112 ,which is the time I decided is ok to check out of here and go on to my next adventure. Thanks again and great job getting us motivated and moving more. I look forward to next week’s group." "Last night was a fantastic work-out. You did a fantastic job, DDP Yoga is very easy on my knees and I can certainly feel it today on my shoulders and my thighs. I encourage anyone to take this challenge and the opportunity that is being given on your part, to work out and learn" "I would just like to say what a terrific job Steve did last night. He was patient with us and made sure at every step we were ok and that did everything in the right way to ensure we didn’t injure ourselves. Although at times it was difficult, it was rounded out with terrific stretches that gave us a full body “workout”. I say workout loosely because even though we were sweating and getting our heart rate up it was not so strenuous that we didn’t feel we could continue. And the stretches where highly beneficial. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking to get fit or just to get your muscles moving with all the sitting down that we do. Kudos to Steve for the tremendous efforts that he has achieved. And I thank him for wanting to share with us" I just wanted to share those testimonials from a few people that had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Sincerely, Steve Langer

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The April I Pitty the Fool Challenge

Yesterday was April Fools Day and I found it nothing more than the right fit to issue a Challenge for the month of April. There are 30 days this month and Spring is in the air. It is time for Team DDP Yoga to step up their game. The challenge is to make sure that you do at least one DDP Yoga workout every day this month. For me, it is a true challenge, because I know that a month has not gone by where I haven't taken a day of laziness here and there. Someone mentioned that I should make sure I get my rest. Well, besides my normal 8 hours sitting at a desk and my 8 hours of sleep at night, rest is the one thing that got me to where I am. I can afford to go 30 days.. Can you? Steve

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Certified

Since February 14th of this year 2014 I have been a consciencous student of the DDP Yoga Certification program. I have dove into this head first without even looking back. Leading up to the weekend of signing up, I was holding off as much as possible. There were thoughts running through my mind, as if I couldn't be a roll model, inspiration, or even a good teacher. But then something hit me, something deep down inside just ignited the furnace. Very similar to the day back in 2012 that I decided to change my life for once and for all. I have been going very strong with the DDP Yoga program since the beginning. Granted, I haven't seen much in the "weight loss" department but have seen by far so much more! Weight loss is truly just a side effect to the DDP Yoga program. I have received so many other great benefits such as strength, endurance, flexibility, motivation, inspiration, group support, friendships, pain loss and management, energy, oh did i say energy? yes I have tremendous amounts of energy. But most importantly, I have received the gift of giving back! One of my many goals going forward with this certification program is to "give back". I want to help others do what I have accomplished. For many years, i spend countless hours in a wrestling ring. I have seen some great teachers come and go. The one thing, that I took from those great teachers are their actual care in helping others succeed. My days of truly giving wrestlers a very long extensive workout are over, but i will continue to teach and help inspire and motive other up and comers. There is so much for a young wrestler to learn as far as being a performer, but there are so many other levels that young wrestler who is about to venture out on a long and brutal career beating not only other people up, but their bodies as well. With DDP Yoga, they can learn how to take care of themselves from within. These students can learn to take care of their bodies through proper form, exercise, conditioning as well as nutrition and health. The DDP Yoga workouts will not only help heal and prepare their bodies for the work load that is going to be in store for them, but the program will also take their own fitness and athleticism to a whole new level. I can say that first hand, because Even though my go to workout is DDP Yoga, I get times (such as tonight) to want to go and hit the weights. When I go into the gym, I find myself getting a tremendous all around workout because of my increased strength not only in my major muscle groups, but also in my core and stabilizer muscles. I have better endurance to push through a long full body workout, more than I ever have. And by the time I exit those gym doors, the endorphines are shooting through my body like I am high on the best drug in the world... and I am, and that drug is LIFE.... So as I am getting closer to starting my own DDP Yoga workouts with other people, I have never been more ready for something in my life. DDP Yoga consumes my entire being. And with the huge support system that we have either on Team DDP Yoga.com or the Facebook Groups, or even DDP Radio, we are about to make tremendous waves in the future of fitness. Be well and keep spreading the motivation, Bang Steve Langer

Team DDP Yoga

Team DDP Yoga
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